Why We are Different From Other Car Buyer

By Jay | Buy Junk Cars

Jun 25
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To be the Best car buyer – You Must Choose to be Different

We believe that hard work, treating people right and a handshake are what made our country great. Our family business has made it a mission not change any of those three “things to live by” and we never will. When it comes to treating people fairly and the car buying the business, they have been long associated at “opposite ends” of philosophy. Most people believe that if Texas was the heart of truth, which it is, that the car business would most likely be located in New York or even Canada. That concept of believing “car people” are bad has been floating around in the air for years. Myths and legends are found out to be untrue – but we are going to agree that there have been a lot of truly evil “car people” who have caused that perception. We are different, and that’s why our customers consider us the best.

Beware of Car Buyer Monsters(unless they are cuddly):

In a world of truth in the car buyer industry where many people who would like to consider themselves our competition, we are different. As far as legends and myths go, we are probably more like “Bigfoot” than one of those sea monsters or vampires. Sea monsters are pretty rare, and vampires are just way too sneaky. Yep, we are more of a hybrid Bigfoot. When you run across us in the auto business, we stand out like the big fella. First of all, we are different, and we stand tall above the crowd because we never do anything to harm our customers. Sea monsters, make it a mission to “sink” people by overcharging them, and vampires are sneaky and like to try and “drain” their pocket book. We just bumble around doing our job, not doing anyone any harm, pretty much like the Hulk, minus the muscles and instead of green, lots of hair.

The People’s Car Buyer Choice:

Let’s face it, when it comes to choosing the lesser of two evils, that has become what they call “life in America.” Those who are willing to stand up for what they believe and treat people the way they would like to be treated are “Bigfoots” just like us. We like to consider proudly ourselves members of the “Bigfeet” tribe. An almost extinct civilization of mild-mannered, business people, who put our customers first every time, all of the time. In our industry “wanna-be car buyer” competitors have some enormous shoes to fill.

We believe in:

  • Hard work
  • Treating people right
  • Handshake promises which mean something
  • Making a difference in people’s lives for the better

To Get a Car Buyer Quote

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