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By Jay | General

Jun 24

Proudly family owned and operated for over 20 years, and we are honored to serve our community and the great state of Texas with the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. We are a junk car buyer Pasadena and pay top dollar for junk cars and trucks. Whether they are running or not, please call 281-374-4990 for a free, no obligation quote. We have been in the salvage business since 1988.

  • *Licensed
  • *Bonded
  • *Family Operated
  • *Locally based
  • *Professional
  • *Efficient
  • *We pay top dollar

We are time tested as dependable junk car buyers. Our years of building partnerships with local businesses in the community have helped us establish the most reliable channels for disposing of junk cars and trucks. Our fast and efficient quotes will are given over the phone. A few important questions will are asked regarding the overall condition, title, etc., we will then offer a quote. If agreed to our price, we will set up a quick and convenient pickup time and will pay cash on the spot.

*We pay the agreed upon amount in full.

Junk Car Buyer Pasadena Texas

Junk Car Buyer Pasadena Pays Top Dollar and Tows for Free

We are the number one Junk Car Buyer Pasadena. Because our company has been purchasing vehicles in the Pasadena area for over 40 years, this …

*Our ten-minute paperwork, completed by our fast and friendly towing staff, will eliminate years of headaches in minutes.

After copying your state issued license or identification, we will provide a receipt for the purchase and complete the required state processing. The auto will be listed as scrap never be allowed registration in the US again.

*What if you don’t have the title?

We can purchase your vehicle, but there is some extra paperwork involved. A few additional questions will be asked over the phone. We must explain the title of any potential lien holder. An additional form from the state will be filled by us on your behalf; it is as simple as signing and letting us do all of the work and forgetting about the hassles.

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