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Jun 06
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We are Known as Junk Car Buyer Katy Texas

With HAB purchasing junk cars in Katy, we have changed the way the community disposes of their vehicles. With so many other junk car buyers in the area, it is critical that you use a reputable company that has been in business for a long time. By dealing with HAB, you are dealing with a locally established company that is licensed and does things right.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our goal is for you to be happier after selling us your vehicle than when you had it. The whole process has been streamlined to make it easier and less complicated by using Junk Car Buyer Katy.

Junk Car Buyer Katy Texas Offers Free Towing

Every vehicle we purchase; we always tow for free. So many other companies will hide the cost of pulling or flat out charge for towing, we will never do this. Junk Car Buyer Katy will always tow your car for free.

Types of Vehicle Junk Car Buyer Katy Purchases:

  • Junk Cars
    These are vehicles that have sat around and become an eyesore. These cars could be getting you fines from the city county or homeowners association. We pay top dollar for these types of vehicles on the spot.
  • Trucks
    We don’t care what kind of shape your truck is in we want to purchase it for top dollar running or not.
  • Flooded Vehicles
    These vehicles are some of the worse to deal with and so many other companies don’t buy these. We do and pay top dollar.
  • Wrecked Cars
    Wrecked cars are always heartbreaking. A family works to pay for a vehicle outlasted, and they get into an accident. The main thing that matters is nobody got hurt. A vehicle is always replicable.
  • Unwanted old Unused Cars
    These are cars that have outlasted their usefulness to people and have been parked for an extended period. Either the cost of repairing them is too high, or the car was replaced by a newer model.

Contact Junk Car Buyer Katy for a Free No Obligation Junk Car Buyer Quote

Give HAB a call for all of you Junk Car Buyer Katy needs. We have you covered and will pay you top dollar for your car or truck. It is easy to get a quote from us directly call us at 281-371-4990 we will ask you a few questions about your vehicle and based on your answers we will give you a quote. We always offer same day pick up with cash on the spot.

car buyer katy