Junk Cars Dangers

By Jay | Buy Junk Cars

Jun 25
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The Hidden Dangers of Junk Cars

The reason why it is important to have junk cars and trucks removed from a yard or street are often misunderstood. Often it is the “eyesore” part of a car left stranded for many months or even years which commands the most attention. Safety aspects are something which most people do not appreciate. When rust and corrosion are left untreated on the body of an auto, water from rainfall pushes the toxins and hazardous elements into streets and lawns in the surrounding area. A stationary junk car can become a breeding ground for harmful mosquitoes and other insects as well as a haven for filthy rodents of all types.

Junk Cars The Trap Never Seen

Many times children from neighborhoods who are exploring potential sources of adventure will find ways of gaining access to the inside of rusted out and abandoned vehicles. These sources of intrigue to children can result in them becoming entrapped. Due to extreme heat or cold, exposure to the elements may cause grave consequences up to and including death for a child trapped in the dangerous vehicle which may have been left unattended for months or even years. In addition to potential danger for children, pets from neighborhoods often seek warmth or shade from under the structures which remain stationary and possible harm from running out into traffic of being crushed when they are finally moved may occur.

Junk Cars and Water Sourcejunk cars

Contaminated water running off from rusted out cars and trucks can enter the water sources for deer, squirrels and other animals who rely on drinking from any available sources of pooled water. Plants may ultimately be destroyed by runoff and chemical hazards. Anywhere that rust and dangerous chemicals enter the soil, can become a potential source for fouling water tables. Any time dangerous corrosive agents are left to mix in with the natural environment, there is a high risk of danger from exposure to toxins.

The Law Make Sense for Junk Cars

Laws and HOA restrictions concerning abandoned vehicles are set in place for many more reasons than just the inconvenience of seeing junk in an area. It is a fact that neighbors whose properties appear shabby or unkempt may have a significant adverse impact on property values throughout an entire neighborhood. It often only takes one nasty junk vehicle left out in the yard to pull property values down for several blocks. There are reasons for ordinances and fines when it comes to junk cars being left unattended. These trashed autos simply cost neighbors money and create unnecessary risks for children, animals and plant life.

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