What Happens to Junk Cars and Trucks?

Houston Auto Buyers

Auto Buyers has been in business for over 40 years right here in the Houston area. In this time, we have recycled a lot of vehicles and reclaimed a lot of resources that might usually go unclaimed. We like to preserve our planet for future generations!

What Services does Houston Auto Buyers offer?

Simply put we will pay you top dollar for your junk car running or not, but we are much more than that! In this short article, we will attempt to fill you in on what happens to junk cars once we purchase them.

When we purchase your old vehicle running or not, it goes through several stages. We call these reclaiming stages. Each step has its step within it that is vital to the process.Purchase Junk Cars

The materials that we reclaim are used to make many other valuable commodities used in everyday life. About 98% of the vehicle recycled, nothing goes to waste that can be recycled or re-purposed.

From the time Houston Auto Buyers opened, we have always prided ourselves on being the green alternative to junk car buyer and junk car consumers. The founder was way ahead of his time, not just focusing on junk cars but also being a used car buyer Houston.

We believe that we are investing in the future of our world and country. By recycling instead of throwing recyclable things into a landfill, we are saving our natural resources leaving less of a footprint for the generations to come.

Steps to recycling vehicles:

  • Procuring the vehicle.
    We purchase junk cars from the Houston community. These cars are paid for and towed for free. Houston Auto Buyers prides itself in paying more than any other junk car buyer.
  • Proper paperwork to done on all junk cars or trash trucks.
    When your vehicle gets purchased, there is state mandated paperwork that has to be sent into the state notifying the state that the vehicle purchased for salvage.
  • License plates and stickers removed.
    At this point, we take off your old license plate and destroy them. We cut the license plate up and place the pieces in a cube, recycled into usable materials. The inspection stickers and registration stickers are removed and shredded; this paper also happens to be recycled.
  • Fluids are withdrawn from the vehicle.
    All fluids and gasses are removed from the vehicle and sent out to be reclaimed into new products for the public to purchase.
  • Usable cores are removed to be sent out to re-builders.
    Usable Cores are withdrawn from the vehicle and sent out to re-builders to either rebuild them or certify them to sell. These parts, commonly sold in auto parts as refurbished rebuilt parts.
  • After everything gets removed from the vehicle, the vehicle is shredded.
    Spreading an old junk vehicle is a critical part of recycling old vehicles. At this point, the car is ground into half dollar size pieces. The types of metals are separated into different types. Everything from aluminum, steel and copper is reclaimed. This is all recycled. Even the fabric from the seats is separated and sent out to be re-purposed.

Does Houston Auto Buyers pay for Junk Cars?

Absolutely! We always pay you on the spot for junk cars or trash trucks. We have streamed lined the process to make it faster and more straightforward for everybody! From the time our wrecker arrives the process takes about ten minutes from pickup to payment for your vehicle.

The way the process works is when you call us for your free no obligation quote 281-374-4990, we will ask you a few questions about your vehicle and based off of your answers we will give you a quote over the phone. Yes, it is that easy!

We always schedule you based off of your schedule. In other words, we are going to make sure we are not interrupting your day, and it is a good time for us to pick up your vehicle.

Absolutely! We will pay you cash on the spot for your junk cars or trucks. The process is very easy, just give us a call we will ask you a couple of questions, give you a quote then schedule your vehicle to be picked up. Yes, it is that easy to sell us your junk car.

We are Licensed in the State of Texas to Purchase Junk cars

We are licensed by the state of Texas to purchase junk cars. This means that we are a local salvage company that can turn your title into the state and have the vehicle removed from your name. A lot of businesses you find online are not located in Texas; this means they are not licensed and cannot turn your title into the state. This also means they are not a local car buyer. With them not being local it means if you have a problem with the company there is little you can do.

We are more than happy to give you a quote, for your junk car, over the phone. Give us a call for an estimate on how much we will provide you with for your junk car or truck. We are your best choice in the Houston area! Remember we buy any car!

Houston Auto Buyers is the best way to recycle your vehicle and reclaim beneficial resources from it. In fact, this could become a part of the new vehicle you purchase! Houston Auto Buyers is here to pay you top dollar 281-374-4990.

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